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William Henry

Model: WH68
The Surge is just plain fun. Inspired by the tradition of the bandolier, this is a take on the classic link and configured as an impressive bracelet that is distinctive, strong, and timeless. This is the mid-size version, a statement on the wrist, in sterling silver on heavy duty paracord with a bar..
Ex Tax:$1,350.00
Model: WH65
This bracelet is built around a centerpiece that features a bead crafted from 100 million year-old dinosaur bone found in the American West. Every bead, by the very nature of the extraordinary material, is unique in pattern and color. Flanked by sterling silver and frosted black onyx and with a comf..
Ex Tax:$425.00
Model: WH57
The Kestrel 'Cranium' features a light and resilient frame in aerospace grade titanium, inlaid with hand-carved sterling silver by Lee Downey. The blade is hand-forged 'Boomerang' damascus by Chad Nichols; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with spinel gemstones. The Kestrel is a co..
Ex Tax:$850.00
Model: WH56
This bracelet features our 100,000 year old fossil coral beads, hand-shaped from coral heads found in an abandoned lime pit in the Florida Keys. Rare, remarkable, and with an amazing story to tell! Supported by a cascade of frosted black onyx beads, and with a sterling silver clasp assembly. Simple ..
Ex Tax:$495.00
Model: WH43
The Gentac ‘Blackbird’ features a light and resilient frame in aerospace grade titanium, inlaid with metal-infused 'Sparkle' acrylic. The blade is black-coated ZDP-189; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with spinel. An exceptional design that offers rigorous performance in a sleek..
Ex Tax:$700.00
Model: WH42
The Spearpoint 'Buffalo Nickel' features a frame in hand-forged, heat-blued 'Twist' damascus by Chad Nichols, with beautiful hand-carved sterling silver scales inlaid with authentic Buffalo nickels by Lee Downey. The blade is hand-forged 'Hornets Nest' damascus steel by Mike Norris; the one-hand but..
Ex Tax:$1,950.00
Model: WH41
There is nothing quite like a moonrise across quiet water, and this piece captures that moment. The center piece is a natural South Sea pearl encased in 18K rose gold, surrounded by the subtle iridescence of labradorite beads. Finished with matching 18K rose gold end caps and clasp; the combination ..
Ex Tax:$1,895.00
Model: WH33
The Lancet 'Durango' features a mesmerizing frame in 24K gold Koftgari (the ancient Indian technique of inlaying gold and/or sterling silver in tool-steel), inlaid with 'Zinc-Matrix' turquoise. The blade is hand-forged 'Raindrop' damascus by Mike Norris; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud a..
Ex Tax:$1,850.00
Model: WH32
As day turns to night, celebrate your adventure with this stunning wrist piece. The Dusk features a center piece of solid 18K yellow gold encasing a petrified wood bead that ushers history into this moment. Supported by two additional petrified wood beads and blue tiger eye and finished with a sterl..
Ex Tax:$995.00
Model: WH31
We love skulls, and the Sunset brings that iconic form to our new Embrace collection with a nod to rock n roll. The center bead is polished black onyx adorned with a stylish skull motif in sterling silver, surrounded by the soft (but slightly devilish) hues of red tiger eye. Finished with our sterli..
Ex Tax:$495.00
Model: WH25
Perfect on the wrist for any occasion, with any outfit, for any attitude. The Ranger bracelet features braided brown deerskin, soft and supple, finished with finely sculpted sterling silver end caps and spring clasp. Comfortable and stylish whether worn alone or stacked with other wrist pieces. Refe..
Ex Tax:$395.00
Model: WH21
When we decided to develop the Embrace collection, this was this first piece we knew we wanted to make. Gorgeous green jade surrounds 3 frosted onyx beads encased in solid 18K rose gold. A nod to the remarkable artisan history of gold and jade integrated into timeless statements of elegance. Finishe..
Ex Tax:$2,995.00
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