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Insurance Appraisals

Why get an insurance appraisal?

Don’t risk great financial loss if your jewelry or watches go missing or are stolen. Let us provide you with an accurate appraisal report reflecting the current market replacement value of your valuables. An updated appraisal is recommended at least every three to seven years, due to the fluctuation in value of gemstones, jewelry, and watches over time.

The complexity of the jewelry and the amount of time and expertise required determines the appraisal. We offer free consultations, work by appointment, and will accommodate every client. Every item purchased at E.D. Marshall Jewelers comes with a free lifetime appraisal.

What is included in our appraisals?

Each item receives:

  • Careful cleaning
  • Inspection for recommended repairs
  • One to four photos
  • Detailed description of the item
  • Current market value
  • Original Document with Limiting and Contingent Conditions
  • One or more duplicate Documents
  • Delivery cost for shipping or mailing

During the entire time your jewelry is with us, it is handled with the utmost care, by professionals, and is guarded by state of the art security for your peace of mind.

The timeline for an appraisal can be from one hour to two weeks, depending on the amount of items you have, and the complexity of the piece.

Please contact us below for an appointment with our GIA Graduate Gemologist today!.

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