How can you buy wholesale diamonds?

The only way to buy wholesale diamonds is to start with the basics. First, you will want to take an 18 month crash course in diamonds. This will allow you to make informed and accurate decisions. Then you will want to set up a business LLC, buy insurance, acquire commercial property, come up with a catchy  name, etc. This will allow you to work with other dealers in the industry and build a trusted business. THEN you will have the opportunity to buy all the wholesale diamonds you wish. 

How can you actually buy diamonds for wholesale prices?

The short answer is that there is no way to buy a diamond at a wholesale price unless you’re a diamond dealer.

BUT if you go to a legitimate business that’s been around for over 40 years, and knows the industry, knows the market, and knows that you’re a savvy shopper with a bank account and a budget, they’ll make sure you won’t get ripped off. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Keep in mind there’s no charge for an opinion.

These are the questions to ask when shopping for a diamond:

  • Where did your friends buy their diamonds?
  • Have you heard of a RAP Sheet?
  • Do you know what the 4 C’s are?
  • Have you gotten at least 3 opinions?
  • Is the diamond GIA certified?

You can come to E.D. Marshall Jewelers, with 48 years in business, talk to a professional sales associate and get an amazing deal on diamonds, engagement rings, earrings, pendants, or any other custom diamond jewelry pieces you can dream of.